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About Ireland

About Ireland

  • The capital city of Ireland is Dublin.
  • The Irish (Gaelic) word for Ireland is 'Eire.The Irish (Gaelic) language evolved from Celtic immigrants around 600 BC.
  • The first to bring the English language to Ireland were the Normans. English was adopted as the main language from the latter years of the eighteenth century on.
  • In 432 AD St. Patrick arrived to help convert the pagan Gaelic Kings to Christianity. Saint Patrick's Day (March 17th) is the national holiday of Ireland.
  • King Henry VIII (of England) declared himself King of Ireland in 1541 AD. He was the first English monarch to do this.
  • The Irish Parliament was granted legislative independence from England in 1782 AD
  • Ireland gained its independence in 1922.

  • The Irish flag has three vertical stripes in green, white and orange. The green represents the older Gaelic people, the orange represents the Protestants (under William of Orange) and the white represents the peace between the two groups.
  • The harp (clàrsach), and the small harp (cruit), were the main historical musical instruments of Ireland. Dances include jigs, reels, hornpipes and sets.
  • Legends and Irish tales are an essential part of the culture. Oral story telling is such an important part of tradition that in Gaelic Ireland, the poet was considered the guardian of knowledge.

  • It has 32 counties.
  • The largest county is Cork,
  • The smallest county is Louth
  • It has 4 provinces: Connaught, Ulster, Munster, Leinster
Some clarification:
There are two countries on the island of Ireland:
  • (1) The Republic of Ireland with the green, orange, white flag and it uses the Euro as currency.
  • (2) Northern Ireland which flies the Union Jack or the UK flag. They use British Pounds as currency because they are part of the UK.

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